Dementia Friendly Charlotte Mecklenburg

I am proud to be a part of the steering committee for the local branch of the Dementia Friendly America DFA initiative. We have been meeting for over a year preparing to have our local area be more aware, informed and accepting. Thus able to support those living with dementia and their families and friends. We aim to improve awareness for everyone.....from our youngest citizens, the children in school, to those in our commerce sectors and faith based communities. Through education, and appropriate direction to resources and opportunities we will become a supportive group of citizens and organizations.....Dementia Friends! 

Our first meeting of 2018 was lead by Linda Miller of CAAA Centralina Area Agency on Aging with Sara Maloney of CAAA leading the steering committee members to become  Dementia Champions. Sara, as a master trainer, will guide the committee to become official DFA trainers and thus offer consistent and appropriate education for our neighbors and organizations. More to follow! Angela.

My trip to Holland

Enjoy this slide show of my May 2017 trip to Hogewey in the village of Weesp.

Hogeweyk is part of the Hogewey care center established in 1994.                                                A weyk being a group of houses. 

Hogewey is a specially designed village with 23 houses for 152 people living with dementia.

The residents all need residential memory care and live in houses differentiated by lifestyle.

Hogeweyk offers 7 different lifestyles:

 Urban, Goois (upper class), Traditional (or homey), Christian, Artisan, Indonesian and Cultural.  Reviewed every 10 years.

The residents manage their own households together with a constant team of staff members. Washing, cooking and so on is done every day in all of the houses.                                              Daily groceries are done in the Hogeweyk supermarket. 

 Hogeweyk offers its residents maximum privacy and autonomy, with Comfort and Safety.

    The village has streets, squares, gardens and a park where the residents can safely roam free and with that freedom and safety. One does not hear the word 'wandering' as a behavior challenge! 

      No need to have the expense of bird aviaries etc. as the birds fly into the courtyard and nestle in trees. No need to create 'life stations' as everything is real and available!

Just like any other village, Hogeweyk offers a selection of facilities, like a restaurant, beauty shop, bar and a theatre.  Volunteers are plenty and it is an honor for them to serve.

                                  Just scroll L and R of some of my favorite photos!